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Some people comes to a point where they just had it.


It’s just tiring, you’re already like sucking up to these people who doesn’t have anything to offer. And all your just asking is to just do their jobs properly so that everyone would be able to go home early. Is it really that hard to do that? Or am I asking too much?

Sometimes I wonder, what if… The company that they are working for right now just got shutdown the next day, and they like need to find another job. And they got in, do you think the would last for like a month with their kind of work ethic?

  • Sleeping on the job
  • “Chikka Oras” (we call it chikka oras because they chat like there’s no tomorrow)
  • Passing late reports
  • Always coming at work late
  • Frequent Absences
  • Going out of the office for like more than two hours

And that’s just some of their few habits which I personally think that they can’t live without at our work.

Some of them even came from great schools here, and it doesn’t show… really it doesn’t.

I am already thinking of going off next year, or to not to renew my contract this November.


OT no more…

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Bago magumpisa itong buwan ng Hulyo, pinatawag kami ng aming manager para sa isang meeting. Ukol ito sa aming OT at performance. Kinuwestyon na kasi ng management kung bakit lagi kaming merong apat na oras na OT. Tapos marami din namang nababacklog na trabaho. (ako! alam ko sagot dyan!)

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Pag napuno ang salop

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I am about to lose my freakin’ mind with these kind of people…

Last night my partner came in late… As in really late…  I really don’t mind as long as the documents that needed to be encoded will be finished early since last night the numbers were low, and of course no sleeping.

I guess it was my lucky night last night, she came in around 10:30 and sat at her computer at around 12 midnight…


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Had my first leave at my second job. And it was sweeeeeeet!!!

The first reason is that I was really tired that day and wanted to sleep the whole day (which I did!). And then I had like two PCs (personal computers) that needed to be repaired and checked.

And the third reason…

To give my partner a taste of her own medicine, but unfortunately for her she had a much harder time than me.

I heard from my co-workers that she was like begging for someone to back her up, but no one wanted to help her. Maybe because of what she always does at work.

So I guess that leave was worth it!


My work load

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Everytime I go to work, I always worry about the amount of entries I will be encoding. Because usually it goes up to 4500 entries. And with that going, sometimes I worry about my partner not advising us early if she will be present or not. she has this habit of first advising us that she will be going in half night, and then half way through the night, she will be texting the OIC that she won’t be coming in.

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Sakit nang mga tao…

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Sa dalawang linggo kong pamamalagi sa bago kong trabaho!

May napansin akong sakit na kumakalat sa trabaho!

Mas malala pa ito sa sakit na A-H1N1.

Ito ang sakit na KATAMARAN.

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my second-first paycheck

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Got my second-first paycheck this morning!!!

My firs paycheck from my second job…

To be honest it was more than I expected, although I was aware that I was doing four hours of overtime everyday. But when I got the envelope (I’m still getting cash because I don’t have my ATM card yet) I was surprised. The pay was for just 6 days, and I did better compared to my previous work, and now I am thinking of buying a new pair of shoes for work.

I wonder what will I get next paycheck (excited).